Last of the Summer Wine

In Which Romance Springs a Leak

Series 30 - Episode 8 In Which Romance Springs a Leak



When Hobbo learns that Howard feels he is taken for granted by Pearl and that Toby misses his former wife, he hatches a plan to sort out their love lives - with the help of flowers, a Mario Lanza recording and his own team of miming violinists.

Cast & Crew

Hobbo Russ Abbot
Entwistle Burt Kwouk
Alvin Brian Murphy
Clegg Peter Sallis
Truly Frank Thornton
Toby Trevor Bannister
Howard Robert Fyfe
Nelly June Whitfield
Stella Barbara Young
Glenda Sarah Thomas
Barry Mike Grady
Pearl Juliette Kaplan
Peggy Caroline Oakes
Director Alan JW Bell
Producer Alan JW Bell
Writer Roy Clarke
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