The Box

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Box



For a horror series, there aren't a huge amount of scares in The Strain. Not so far, anyway. As it fleshes out the characters' back-stories, shock tactics are sparingly used — although when they do hit, they sure go for the jugular.

Tonight, the survivors of the mystery aeroplane epidemic are released from quarantine, including the uptight lawyer and her buddy, the lascivious goth. For reasons hitherto unexplained, they're all suffering from minor bleeding and a buzzing in the eardrums, although you suspect this will turn out to be the least of their problems.

As the protagonists' stories converge, it feels like this slow-burner is at a crossroads — it's either set to get interesting or super-daft.


The survivors of the infected flight display strange symptoms, Eph and Nora's plan to arrange a quarantine is disrupted, and Setrakian receives a surprise visit in prison.

Cast & Crew

Dr Ephraim Goodweather Corey Stoll
Dr Nora Martinez Mía Maestro
Abraham Setrakian David Bradley