The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

Series 2 - Episode 4



Another selection of neighbourly conflicts, featuring a dispute between two retired men about a new driveway, which resulted in the pair fighting in the street in the Tayside town of Kinross. The Webbs' peace in rural Plymouth was shattered when a new family moved in a few doors away, and a row about parking erupted into a full-blown punch-up. Meanwhile, Rita Grootendorst claims to have been the victim of a land grab by her next-door neighbours, although she is the one who has been arrested for assault and criminal damage over a drainpipe.

Cast & Crew

Director Benedict Sanderson
Director Dominic Callaghan
Director Craig Woodrow
Executive Producer Matthew Gordon
Executive Producer Michele Carlisle
Producer Benedict Sanderson
Producer Dominic Callaghan
Producer Craig Woodrow
Series Producer Guy Templeton
Series Producer Mona Hamed
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