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The English Defence

Series 11 - Episode 8 The English Defence

Saturday 11pm - 12am Alibi


Steve’s family life is rarely straightforward. Now we meet his terminally ill father, whom Steve (Denis Lawson) has installed in a hospice, only to be subjected to a stream of abuse. “Ah never rated you, son, neverrr,” growls the old charmer – the kind of thing we all love to hear from a parent.

No wonder Steve is struggling to engage with the case in hand, which involves the murder of a translator and amateur chess player. A chess club, you say? Sounds like the perfect place for Danny to trot out some of his lightly worn knowledge about absolutely everything. But no, the trickster who gets bitten by the chess bug is that famously deep thinker, Gerry.


Steve McAndrew brings his dying father to London so he can spend his final days in a nearby hospice, but how much time he can spend with his parent is anyone's guess - the Ucos team is hard at work investigating the cold case murder of 55-year-old interpreter Agnes Bradley. A DNA sample provides a link to a rebellious teenager, and the team wonders if the killer could be related to him. But a whole new can of worms is opened when investigators discover the lad's mother was raped - could the same person have killed Agnes? Gerry and Steve hope that interviewing her friends from a local chess club may shed new light on the matter, but it's a possible professional issue that could hold the key to unlocking the mystery. Denis Lawson and Dennis Waterman star.

Cast & Crew

Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
Danny Griffin Nicholas Lyndhurst
DCI Sasha Miller Tamzin Outhwaite
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland Anthony Calf
Tricia McAndrew Julie Graham
Robbie McAndrew Ian Hogg
Viktor Proust Nicholas Woodeson
Kelli Rogers Mariah Gale
Jeremy Powell Finlay Robertson
Zoe Baines Leanne Best
Carlos Alvarez Anthony Barclay
Spencer Rogers Fox Jackson-Keen
Agnes Bradley Gertrude Thoma
Director Brian Grant
Executive Producer Richard Burrell
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Marston Bloom
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