Classic Holby City: Labour of Love

Classic Holby City: Labour of Love

Series 11



Jac helps Michael steal one of Elliot's patients so they can perform a dangerous procedure. Joseph is uncomfortable spending time with Faye's son and makes his excuses to leave. However, once at work he finds himself trapped in a lift with Daisha, just as her waters break. Meanwhile, Donna is jealous of Maria's relationship and sets out to bag herself a consultant, and the identity of the new anaesthetist surprises one member of staff.

Cast & Crew

Michael Spence Hari Dhillon
Jac Naylor Rosie Marcel
Mark Williams Robert Powell
Faye Morton Patsy Kensit
Elliot Hope Paul Bradley
Sam Strachan Tom Chambers
Joseph Byrne Luke Roberts
Maria Kendall Phoebe Thomas
Donna Jackson Jaye Jacobs
Daisha Anderson Rebecca Grant
Annalese Carson Anna-Louise Plowman
Paul Rose Andrew Lewis
Aaron Fellows Barnaby Kay
Pauline Armstrong Lynne Miller
Colin Merryweather Julian Littman
Director Daikin Marsh
Producer Jane Wallbank
Writer Karen Laws
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