Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish

I Call Mine Sally

Series 2 - Episode 1 I Call Mine Sally

Sun 14 Jun 1am - 2:15am Dave


By happy coincidence a stand-up who shares the same name as UKTV’s comedy channel has proved one of its biggest hits. For those who missed out on the first series, Modern Life is Goodish sees Gorman ruminate on everyday dilemmas in front of a live audience, documenting his absurd escapades on a projector.

Here he finds himself recycling pornography and babysitting a lost camera, which leads to an awkward encounter in Snappy Snaps. Gorman is that rare thing: a comedian who leaves you with a warm glow as well as tears in your eyes. The highlight is a “found poem” about the pros and cons of sat navs.


The comedian performs another round of witty stand-up shows, beginning as he gets involved in shredding some naughty magazines, helps a gerbil to fulfil its destiny, and is surprised by the pictures that develop from an old-fashioned camera he finds.

Cast & Crew

Host Dave Gorman