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Robot of Sherwood

Series 8 - Episode 3 Robot of Sherwood



When legends collide… Doctor Who meets Robin Hood! The Time Lord offers to take Clara “wherever, whenever, anywhere in space and time” she fancies, and she plumps for Sherwood Forest to check out her childhood hero. “Old-fashioned heroes only exist in old-fashioned story books,” the Doctor insists. “What about you?” she replies.

Mark Gatiss’s Robot of Sherwood is a wonderfully breezy escapade with a witty script, a lot of heart and something really rather touching to say about the value of folk heroes. Tom Riley’s Robin is very much in the Errol Flynn vein: handsome, jolly, with none of the angst of modern versions — much to the annoyance of the resolutely dour (and very funny) Doctor, who goes to great lengths to try to prove Robin is a fake.

All the essential boxes are ticked: Merrie Men, verdant glades, an archery contest, a foul dungeon, swordfights... Ben Miller is on dastardly form as the Sheriff, while Jenna Coleman makes for a gorgeous and resourceful ersatz Marian and Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord steps out of the shadows in his finest episode yet.


Clara asks the Doctor to take her to meet Robin Hood, so he sets the Tardis for 12th-century Sherwood Forest - despite his insistence that the legendary hero never actually existed. So imagine the Time Lord's surprise when the first person to greet him when he exits the familiar blue door is the bow-wielding hero himself. What's more, there's also a Sheriff of Nottingham - and it soon turns out he has a dastardly plan that could mean the end of Nottingham. But who are the mysterious knights? Sci-fi adventure, starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, with Tom Riley and Ben Miller.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Peter Capaldi
Clara Jenna Coleman
Robin Tom Riley
Quayle Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Sheriff Ben Miller
Alan-a-Dale Ian Hallard
Friar Tuck Trevor Cooper
Little John Rusty Goffe
Will Scarlett Joseph Kennedy
Walter Adam Jones
Quayle's ward Sabrina Bartlett
Herald David Benson
Guard David Langham
Knight Tim Baggaley
Voice of the Knights Richard Elfyn
Director Paul Murphy
Executive Producer Steven Moffat
Executive Producer Brian Minchin
Producer Nikki Wilson
Writer Mark Gatiss
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