Into the Dalek

Series 8 - Episode 2 Into the Dalek



In this episode, the Doctor must enter the most dangerous place in the universe – along with a band of soldiers he is miniaturised and put inside a sickly Dalek. It isn’t the first time Doctor Who has plundered the Raquel Welch movie Fantastic Voyage (Tom Baker’s Doctor went inside his own head in 1977), but this is a journey into the heart of darkness, where the Time Lord hopes to heal old wounds but ends up facing unpleasant truths about himself.

There are plenty of stunning visual effects and exploding Daleks to keep the young ones happy, and a spark of romance. Back on Earth, Clara takes a shine to a newcomer at her school, Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson). But this darker edge to the series is oh so welcome, distilled to match Peter Capaldi’s Scotch-on-the-rocks Doctor – chilly, stinging on the palate but warming on the way down.


The Time Lord finds himself on board a rebel spaceship surrounded by a fleet of his most infamous arch-enemies, coming face to face with that rarest of things - a good Dalek. It seems the only way to get to the bottom of the mystery is to be shrunk down in size and venture inside the Dalek to see what makes it tick - but the Doctor refuses to go anywhere without Clara by his side. Sci-fi adventure, starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, with Zawe Ashton, Michael Smiley and Samuel Anderson.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Peter Capaldi
Clara Jenna Coleman
Journey Blue Zawe Ashton
Col Morgan Blue Michael Smiley
Danny Pink Samuel Anderson
Gretchen Laura Dos Santos
Ross Ben Crompton
Fleming Bradley Ford
Mr Armitage Nigel Betts
Courtney Ellis George
School secretary Michelle Morris
Dalek Barnaby Edwards
Voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs
Director Ben Wheatley
Executive Producer Steven Moffat
Executive Producer Brian Minchin
Producer Nikki Wilson
Writer Phil Ford
Writer Steven Moffat
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