What Makes Shamy Run?

Series 5 - Episode 2 What Makes Shamy Run?



Arthur is repaid a debt in dodgy £20 notes, but by the time it comes to light they are counterfeit his creditor is heading on a flight to India. Once the Winchester is pinpointed as the source of the forged currency, Arthur also finds he has Chisholm breathing down his neck. Robbie Coltrane and Art Malik guest star, with George Cole and Patrick Malahide.

Cast & Crew

Terry McCann Dennis Waterman
Arthur Daley George Cole
Dave Glynn Edwards
Shamy Art Malik
Chisholm Patrick Malahide
Mr Henry Robbie Coltrane
Mr Mitra Madhav Sharma
DC Jones Michael Povey
Gayle Jacqueline Reddin
Denise Chrissie Cotterill
Director Terry Green
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