Classic Holby City: The Eleventh Commandment

Classic Holby City: The Eleventh Commandment

Series 6



Ed treats a patient who urgently needs a heart transplant, and when he learns a suitable organ is in the building he breaks the rules to get it. Chrissie is unwittingly pulled into his scheme, arousing Zubin's suspicions. Rosie is frustrated at Mubbs' unexpected proposal, Sami is brought into the hospital with a stress-related ulcer and Ric feels his work commitments don't allow him to give Jess the support she needs, and decides to resign.

Cast & Crew

Ed Keating Rocky Marshall
Chrissie Williams Tina Hobley
Zubin Khan Art Malik
Rosie Sattar Kim Vithana
Mubbs Hussein Ian Aspinall
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Jess Griffin Verona Joseph
Sami Sattar Nitin Ganatra
Faruq Ahmed Nadim Sawalha
Tom Campbell-Gore Dennis Lawson
Mickie Hendrie Kelly Adams
Will Curtis Noah Huntley
Cherise Patterson Race Davies
Jamie Patterson Nathan Constance
Nadia Ahmed Amber Agar
Director Simon Massey
Producer Roberto Troni
Writer Debbie O'Malley
Writer Matt Parker
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