Scott & Bailey

Series 4 - Episode 2



Fear not, I’m not going to reveal who got the sergeant’s job, but needless to say there is a certain amount of tension that comes as a result of the promotion. Not that this gets in the way of what’s a gripping murder mystery, as the team reopens a decades-old missing person’s case following the discovery of a body.

On the personal front, Janet is trying her hand at dating, but seems to be attracting either pensioners, widowers or men young enough to think of her as a fetish. And we have to say goodbye to DS Rob Waddington (Danny Miller), who’s being fast-tracked out of the team. Which is, of course, code for “going back to Emmerdale”.


Syndicate 9 find themselves dealing with a high-profile historical case after Mandy Sweeting's body is recovered from a quarry, 23 years after she was first reported missing. However, Rachel's biggest challenge might not be dealing with the media attention or even re-interviewing bereft family members, but hiding her contempt for Rob Waddington's father Frankie (former Coronation Street star Ian Mercer), who led the original investigation. Meanwhile, Janet also has problems to deal with at home, as Elise moves in with her dad and his new girlfriend. But at least it inspires the detective to look at her own love life, as she confides in Rachel that she's started using dating sites. Crime drama, starring Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp and Danny Miller.

Cast & Crew

DC Janet Scott Lesley Sharp
DC Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones
DCI Gill Murray Amelia Bullmore
DC Ian Mitchell David Prosho
DC Pete Readyough Tony Mooney
DC Lee Broadhurst Delroy Brown
DC Chris Crowley Danny Webb
DS Rob Waddington Danny Miller
Dorothy Parsons Judith Barker
Barbara Sweeting Anna Calder-Marshall
Antony Sweeting Mark Chatterton
Frankie Waddington Ian Mercer
Sinead Diana May
Janine Rebecca Manley
Mick Devlin Nick Haverson
Maya Christina Tam
Gary Sweeting Tim Dann
Director Simon Delaney
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Tom Sherry
Producer Juliet Charlesworth
Writer Amelia Bullmore
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