Nature's Miracle Orphans

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Nature's Miracle Orphans

Series 1 - Episode 1



Meet an orphan three-toed sloth in Costa Rica whose carer, Sam, doesn’t want to give her a permanent name – she is struggling against pneumonia and might not survive – so has simply called her “Newbie”. She’s a sad-eyed, shaggy, sleepy-looking bundle, but Sam’s devotion to nursing her back to health is touching.

That’s the theme here. Devoted humans nurturing weak and vulnerable young animals to the point where they can go back to the wild – sloths, koalas and wallabies. When a pair of tiny wallabies make friends, it’s a very sweet moment.


Presenters Ellie Harrison and Max Hug Williams follow orphaned baby animals as they make steps to return to the wild. Ellie travels to Australia to meet three koalas called Tilly, Puddles and Danny, who were rescued from the roadside where their mother had been killed - Danny needs round-the-clock care and is building up his strength with night-time games of chase. She also meets a tiny wallaby called Neil, whose carer Stella is worried may die from stress if they can't find him a companion. Wildlife cameraman Max is in Costa Rica where he gets acquainted with Newbie, a five-month-old three-toed sloth who has suffered from pneumonia since she was rescued. He follows wildlife manager Sam at Kids Saving the Rainforest as she tries to teach the baby sloth to climb trees and learn to go back to the wild.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ellie Harrison
Presenter Max Hug Williams
Executive Producer Lucinda Axelsson
Executive Producer Tim Martin
Producer Mark Wheeler