Deep Breath

Series 8 - Episode 1 Deep Breath



Peter Capaldi’s first word as the new Doctor is an explosive “SHUSH!” as he emerges from the Tardis when it lands on the foreshore of the River Thames in Victorian London.

And we’re off. After his unveiling as the 12th Doctor, it's taken a year for Capaldi finally to reach our screens, and at first he's a discombobulated figure fresh from a regeneration that’s left him jagged and confused. Who is he? What does he look like, he wonders? Here writer/showrunner Steven Moffat has a bit of fun with Capaldi’s maturity, his grey hair and those remarkable eyebrows (“You could take bottle tops off with these!”)

Most of this feature-length episode sees Capaldi, like a deranged figure from Dickens, roaming London in a nightshirt, trying to establish his identity. Frankly, we don’t see enough of him, but what we do see points to perfection – a dark, complicated man with hints of a towering rage. And Jenna Coleman as companion Clara really comes into her own as she fights clockwork monsters.


The Time Lord arrives in Victorian London and finds a dinosaur causing havoc in the Thames, as well as a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions. Will Clara's friendship forged with the previous Doctor survive as they embark on a terrifying mission into the heart of an alien conspiracy? Sci-fi drama, co-starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Peter Capaldi
Clara Jenna Coleman
Madame Vastra Neve McIntosh
Strax Dan Starkey
Jenny Catrin Stewart
Half-Face Man Peter Ferdinando
Insp Gregson Paul Hickey
Alf Tony Way
Elsie Maggie Service
Barney Brian Miller
Courtney Ellis George
Cabbie Mark Kempner
Waiter Graham Duff
Policeman Peter Hannah
Footman Paul Kasey
Director Ben Wheatley
Executive Producer Steven Moffat
Executive Producer Brian Minchin
Producer Nikki Wilson
Writer Steven Moffat
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