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War Machine

Series 1 - Episode 3 War Machine



The last First World War docudrama focuses on Private Chas Rowland, who in old age recorded his memories of being in a tank crew at the Battle of Amiens. We get powerful sequences that capture the fume-filled, choking ordeal of being in one of the first tanks.

And, in the best sequence, we see Chas just after the war, exiting the house of a dead comrade’s wife: the camera pans across the street and we slip to the present day, as a kid skateboards past and a Tesco glows in the distance. It makes the familiar point that our everyday, secure lives are based on the sacrifice of men like Chas, but it makes it well.


The British have invented a new weapon designed to break the stalemate after four years of combat during the First World War. A tank commander and his crew storm through enemy lines during the Battle of Amiens in August 1918 and fight against the odds to make it home. Drama based on the experiences of British soldiers during the conflict, starring Gerard Kearns and Luke Norris.

Cast & Crew

Chas Rowland Gerard Kearns
Lieutenant Mould Luke Norris
Fred Firth Shaun Dooley
Mike Weston Danny Walters
Dodds Chris Reilly
Anne Anna Bolton
Lieutenant Cohen John Hollingworth
Burns Niall NcNamee
Officer Ryan Kiggell
German boy James Wilson
O'Brien Kyle Evans
Dawson Sholto Morgan
Director Bruce Goodison
Producer Susan Horth
Writer Joe Barton
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