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Bermondsey Boy

Series 11 - Episode 1 Bermondsey Boy



Gerry Standing, that grizzled old lion, objects to his daughter’s choice of husband as New Tricks returns for, what, its 98th series? (Eleventh, actually, though it feels like many, many more.)

So Gerry (Denis Waterman), for no particular reason, launches one of his anti-charm offensives – which is more offence than charm – at the hapless young swain, who happens to be a solicitor. Ah, so that’s what’s got Gerry’s dander up.

Though personnel might come and go, nothing much really changes at the heart of the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad; the Tricksters, a sentimental bunch, hear a sob story and they pursue wrongdoers wherever it might lead them.

In this first new adventure, Dan (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Steve (Denis Lawson) and Sasha (Tamzin Outhwaite) listen to an old lag’s tale of woe about missing stolen jewellery and the death of his young grandson in a fall from a London tower block.


Back home in Bermondsey for his youngest daughter's wedding, Gerry is visited by Ralph Paxton, an old friend recently released from prison who wants him investigate the murder of his grandson. Meanwhile, a newly divorced Sasha is forced to work with ex-husband Ned Hancock, Danny puts the body language skills he has acquired on an FBI course to the test, and Gerry's daughter Caitlin gets upset when her father interrogates her fiance about his credentials. Cold case drama, starring Dennis Waterman, Tamzin Outhwaite and Nicholas Lyndhurst, with a guest appearance by David Hayman (Trial & Retribution).

Cast & Crew

Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
Danny Griffin Nicholas Lyndhurst
DCI Sasha Miller Tamzin Outhwaite
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
Sarah Paxton Susie Blake
Ralph Paxton David Hayman
DAC Ned Hancock Barnaby Kay
Caitlin Standing Amy Nuttall
Robin David Newman
Archie Paxton John MacMillan
Bryan Fawson Tim Potter
Wayne Pelham Andrew Jarvis
Ronald Culley Harry Peacock
Director Andy Hay
Executive Producer Richard Burrell
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Simon Allen
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