Royal Marines Commando School

Royal Marines Commando School

Series 1 - Episode 6



One of the surprising things about this series has been how many of the recruits appear to have signed up to the Royal Marines with only the slenderest grasp of what their job will be. It’s as if they pictured it as a lifestyle choice or a glorified Duke of Edinburgh Award. They seem in denial about the fact that they also have to learn how to kill, and may in due course be required to do so.

One recruit, Seda, for instance, decided to join the corps after reading an article in Men's Health magazine, but the realities of his position are now weighing heavily on his mind.


As training progresses, more and more recruits start to struggle with the tough requirements placed upon them. Cole has been at Lympstone for three months but has had to spend most of this time in rehab with a knee injury. Now he returns to mainstream training and tries to make it through a five-day exercise on Dartmoor. Meanwhile, the reality of what the job could ultimately require him to do dawns on Seda from Egypt.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Dan Adamson
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Series Director Grace Reynolds
Series Director Alex Kohler
Series Producer Grace Reynolds
Series Producer Alex Kohler
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