A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own

Series 8 - Episode 1



After eight series being subjected to A League of Their Own’s uniquely embarrassing sporting trials, you’d have thought Jamie Redknapp would have learnt how to lose gracefully. Not on your life. When he is beaten by Freddie Flintoff in a tennis challenge featuring John McEnroe, Redknapp throws a hissy fit to rival even the sweatbanded wonder’s worst on-court rages.

Star glamour, riotous petulance, box-office challenges – everything that makes A League of Their Own such a thumping good ride. This episode's special guests Frank Lampard and Judy Murray play along gamely, with Lampard’s series of children’s books netting particular attention. When the footballer insists he wrote them all himself, Flintoff is incredulous: “Did ya?” he asks. “I’ve not even read my book!” Put that on the cover.


James Corden presents the quiz, joined by team captains Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff and regular panellist Jack Whitehall, welcome New York City FC's Frank Lampard, comedian Kevin Bridges and Judy Murray, mother of tennis star Andy.

Cast & Crew

Host James Corden
Team Captain Andrew Flintoff
Team Captain Jamie Redknapp
Panellist Jack Whitehall
Panellist Frank Lampard
Panellist Kevin Bridges
Panellist Judy Murray
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