A Caribbean Mystery

Series 3 - Episode 2 A Caribbean Mystery



The shrewd spinster is sent to convalesce in the tropical paradise of Barbados, where she finds life decidedly dull - until a grisly double murder breaks the monotony and presents her with an unforeseen opportunity to do some serious sleuthing. Feature-length mystery, starring Joan Hickson, Donald Pleasence and Adrian Lukis.

Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Joan Hickson
Jason Rafiel Donald Pleasence
Tim Kendal Adrian Lukis
Molly Kendal Sophie Ward
Dr Grahame TP McKenna
Edward Hillingdon Michael Feast
Evelyn Hillingdon Sheila Ruskin
Maj Palgrave Frank Middlemass
Greg Dyson Robert Swan
Lucky Dyson Sue Lloyd
Esther Walters Barbara Barnes
Jackson Stephen Bent
Insp Weston Joseph Mydell
Victoria Johnson Valerie Buchanan
Aunty Johnson Isabelle Lucas
Napier Shaughan Seymour
Pathologist Gregory Munroe
Raymond West Trevor Bowen
Piers Musgrave James Curran
Director Christopher Petit
Producer George Gallaccio
Writer TR Bowen
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