The Holy Thief

Series 4 - Episode 1 The Holy Thief



Feature-length drama in which the Middle Ages' answer to Sherlock Holmes sets out to investigate a slave girl's disappearance and locate a treasured relic missing from his abbey. Unfortunately, no sooner has he begun searching for a connection than a dead body turns up on his doorstep, plunging him into a mire of murder and subterfuge. Starring Derek Jacobi, Terrence Hardiman, Anthony Green, George Irving and Louise Delamere.

Cast & Crew

Brother Cadfael Derek Jacobi
Abbot Radulfus Terrence Hardiman
Prior Robert Michael Culver
Brother Jerome Julian Firth
Lord Hugh Beringar Anthony Green
Prior Herluin George Irving
Daalny Louise Delamere
Director Ken Grieve
Writer Ben Rostul
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