Dead Man Walking

Series 22 - Episode 4 Dead Man Walking



The team investigates the apparently motiveless murder of a garage mechanic. Suspicion falls on the victim's business partner when his car is found abandoned at a notorious suicide spot by the river, but the search for a washed-up body draws a blank. Eventually a tip-off puts Ross on the trail of infamous gangsters the Callaghan brothers, leaving a mystery about the fake death. Blythe Duff stars.

Cast & Crew

DC Jackie Reid Blythe Duff
DI Robbie Ross John Michie
DCI Matt Burke Alex Norton
DC Stuart Fraser Colin McCredie
Karen Benton Kate Donnelly
Arthur Magee Brian Pettifer
Tony Benton Paul Morrow
Neil Nye Matt Costello
Jed Callaghan Tom Jordan Murphy
Archie Callaghan Michael Glenn Murphy
Landlord Alex McSherry
Mags Nye Louise Irwin
Auntie Betty Ida Schuster
Rosie the Barmaid Jennifer Lowrie
Dr Magus Baird Michael Mackenzie
Amy Benton Aisling Benton
Ally Dewar Harry Glass
River Police Sergeant John Clyde
Detective Lawrence Douglas
Director Alan Macmillan
Executive Producer Eric Coulter
Producer Graeme Gordon
Writer Julie Dixon
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