Diplomatic Baggage

Series 3 - Episode 4 Diplomatic Baggage



The barrister defends a British ambassador's daughter accused of murdering an Austrian journalist, and learns a harsh lesson in the realities of political and diplomatic power. Foxcott is singed by an old flame, while Matt risks his father's anger by moving into a squat. Legal drama, starring John Thaw, Lena Headey, Michael Feast and Oliver Ford Davies.

Cast & Crew

James Kavanagh QC John Thaw
Lizzie Kavanagh Lisa Harrow
Peter Foxcott QC Oliver Ford Davies
Jeremy Aldermarten Nicholas Jones
Helen Ames Arkie Whiteley
Matt Kavanagh Tom Brodie
Natasha Jackson Lena Headey
Sir Alan Jackson Michael Feast
Ralph Merridew Michael Pennington
Charles Beaufort Nicholas Rowe
Margaret Jackson Ann Firbank
Teresa Ashburn Susan Tracy
Richard Dynevor Paul Brooke
Michael Farraday QC Julian Curry
Markovic Christopher Rozycki
Appeal Court judge Antony Carrick
Mr Justice Glenayre James Greene
Fenella Carr Isobel Middleson
DI Benyon Jonathan Barlow
Sgt Cobbold Gerard Crossan
Austrian Ambassador Janusz Guttner
George Tara Woodward
Harry Sacha Craise
Lise Auerbach Tamsin Hollo
La Chouette waiter Corin Mellinger
Clerk of Court Vic Bryson
Director Ken Grieve
Writer Douglas Watkinson
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