Blood Money

Series 3 - Episode 2 Blood Money



A woman asks Kavanagh to ensure justice is done on behalf of her husband, who died on the operating table in mysterious circumstances - despite the surgeon's claims that he was alive and well when she stitched him up. As if that were not a tough enough assignment, the redoubtable barrister also faces the task of convincing son Matt that failing his A levels is not the end of the world. John Thaw stars with his real-life wife Sheila Hancock, Josette Simon, Lisa Harrow and Tom Brodie.

Cast & Crew

James Kavanagh QC John Thaw
Dr Derek Buxton Sam Cox
Peter Foxcott QC Oliver Ford Davies
Luke Nick Patrick
Jeremy Aldermarten Nicholas Jones
Judge Trafford John Carlisle
Susan Hutton Carol Harrison
Tom Buckley Cliff Parisi
Lizzie Kavanagh Lisa Harrow
Julia Piper Anna Chancellor
Alex Wilson Jenny Jules
Matt Kavanagh Tom Brodie
Kate Kavanagh Daisy Bates
Sarah Medows Sheila Hancock
Process server Richard Fleming
Pete Carl Ferguson
Hospital receptionist Debbie Francis
Hilary Jameson Josette Simon
David Berrowes Malcolm Browning
Pamela Erskine Richenda Carey
Dr Clarke Ian Gelder
Colin Jellicoe David Gwillim
Helen Ames Arkie Whiteley
Geoffrey Beever Charlie Roe
Patricia Linzey Tracey Wilkinson
Timothy Ealand Rupert Vansittart
Dr Salmon James Smith
Charles Beaufort Nicholas Rowe
David Cazzalet Nicholas Boulton
Mr Justice Fulgright Nicholas Clay
Director Jack Gold
Writer Matthew Hall
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