Inside the Human Body

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Building Your Brain

Series 1 - Episode 3 Building Your Brain



The glories of your brain are the theme of this episode. And as we’ve seen elsewhere in this series there’s a clever blend of the anecdotal and the scientific. Presenter Michael Mosley introduces us to his children to illustrate how teen brains develop and we meet some Thai sea gypsies who have learnt (as we all can, apparently) to focus their eyes underwater without goggles.

But we also discover what part the fovia, christa and cochlea play in our sensory life. We learn that our 100 billion brain cells are with us from birth but take 20 years to get fully organised – including a process in adolescence where connections are pruned to make things more streamlined.

All this is fascinating, but what may stay with you longest are the human stories. My personal favourite was the blind climber who can see with his tongue. Yes, his tongue.


Michael Mosley traces human development from birth to adulthood, exploring how a newborn makes sense of the world and revealing how many brain connections are lost between the ages of 11 and 20 as an essential part of growing up. Plus, Moken sea gypsy children who train themselves to see clearly underwater and a Vietnamese girl who speaks 11 languages.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael Mosley
Director Gideon Bradshaw
Executive Producer Andrew Cohen
Producer Gideon Bradshaw
Series Producer Alice Harper
Documentary Science