Inspector George Gently

Gently in the Blood

Series 2 - Episode 3 Gently in the Blood

Thu 1 Oct 7pm - 9pm Alibi


Bacchus and Gently investigate a consignment of stolen passports, but the case takes an unexpected turn when a woman linked to the crime is found dead on the seashore with her mixed-race baby lying next to her. As the duo follow a lead on the murder victim's ex-boyfriend, they encounter racial prejudice and are drawn into an underground world of gang wars within the Arab community. Primeval's Andrew-Lee Potts guest stars.

Cast & Crew

George Gently Martin Shaw
John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
Jimmy Cochran Andrew-Lee Potts
Maggie Alderton Robyn Addison
Hamed Tariq Jordan
Rana Jonathan Bonnici
Thomas Ali Stewart Scudmore
Mr Alderton Steve Hillman
Mrs Alderton Elizabeth Ryder
Mrs Cochran Catherine Terris
PC Taylor Simon Hubbard
Philip Saint Joe Simpson
Barber Alan O'Neill
Forensic officer Tony Neilson
Nurse Brenda Brooks
Keith Andy Kellegher
Boy Max Hughes
Boy's mother Deidre Monaghan
PC Barry John O'Connor
Woman at B&B Niamh Shaw
Paper boy Gavin Smith
Director Ciaran Donnelly
Producer Johann Knobel
Writer Peter Flannery
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