A Death Foretold

Series 21 - Episode 6 A Death Foretold



A student is found murdered in an alley, with evidence of cocaine on his body, suggesting a drug deal turned violent. Forensics expert Gemma Kerr traces the victim's links with a parish priest who seems to have more to hide than just the secrets of the confessional, and a second killing puts a new complexion on the case. Drama, starring Blythe Duff and John Michie.

Cast & Crew

DC Jackie Reid Blythe Duff
DI Robbie Ross John Michie
DCI Matt Burke Alex Norton
DC Stuart Fraser Colin McCredie
Gemma Kerr Lesley Harcourt
Father Michael Gow Alan Steel
Sean Davis Ross Allan
Yvonne Petrie Sarah Stewart
Alex Marshall Garry Stewart
Claire Marshall Debbie Wheeler
Fiona Marshall Eve Dallas
Darren Mackay John Comerford
Susan Watson Louise Goodall
Stephen Imrie Michael Wilson
Monsignor Tom Jarvis Sean McGinley
Angela Robertson Sara Vickers
PC MacLeod Angela Neil
Brian Holmes Brian Cowan
Mrs Bryce Sheena Penson
Kenny Wilson Gregor Kelly
Tariq Hussein Umar Ahmed
Pathologist Michael Mackenzie
Director James Henry
Executive Producer Eric Coulter
Producer Graeme Gordon
Writer John Brown
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