Model Murder Uncovered

Series 23 - Episode 54 Model Murder Uncovered



Larry Franks withdraws his confession to the murder of supermodel Cindy Statham and Jo reopens the case, convinced they have the wrong man in custody. Crime scene photographer Rachel Inns helps her work late into the night re-examining the evidence. Mickey investigates a smash-and-grab raid on a jewellery shop and ends up arresting an old friend, Mod cafe owner Jerry Harper, whose daughter owns the scooter used as a getaway vehicle.

Cast & Crew

DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
DC Kezia Walker Cat Simmons
Jerry Harper Dorian Lough
Ruby Harper Francesca Salih
Steve Arnold Staten Eliot
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
DC Grace Dasari Amita Dhiri
Larry Franks Rupert Holliday-Evans
Rachel Inns Amanda Abbington
CSE Lorna Hart Siobhan Redmond
Alison Franks Kate Alderton
PC Diane Noble Kaye Wragg
PC Will Fletcher Gary Lucy
PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis
PC Emma Keane Melanie Gutteridge
Director Alan Macmillan
Producer Sue Howells
Writer Si Spencer
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