Reaching Out

Series 25 - Episode 50 Reaching Out



Part two of two. When psychiatrist Julia Bickham's partner is injured in a hit-and-run incident and her nanny is attacked in what turns out to be a case of mistaken identity, Neil investigates the possibility somebody holds a grudge against her. Among the suspects is a man whose wife died two years previously from an overdose. On the strength of Julia's professional testimony that it was a case of suicide, the man lost his life assurance claim and subsequently custody of his daughter.

Cast & Crew

DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
DC Grace Dasari Amita Dhiri
Dr Julia Bickham Emily Hamilton
Harry Gilmartin David Michaels
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
Jared Miles Brett Goldstein
Stephen Fairfax Jonathan Slinger
Angela Haynes Heather Tobias
Rebecca Sands Ruth Gemmell
Thomas Sands Ethan Edwards
Mike Freeman James Quinn
PC Mel Ryder Rhea Bailey
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
Supt Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
PC Leon Taylor Dominic Power
Director Paul Wroblewski
Producer Matt Strevens
Writer Emma Goodwin
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