Daddy's Girl

Series 23 - Episode 24 Daddy's Girl



John Heaton reveals that hit-and-run driver Paddy Morgan has disappeared and may have been killed by Ray Moore's hit-man. Later, Moore's little girl Annie is arrested for threatening a playmate with a gun, the weapon which the superintendent is convinced was used in the murder. Mia Perry grows closer to her commanding officer during the investigation, and Gina has a romantic assignation with married lover Peter Harris which fails to live up to expectations.

Cast & Crew

Supt John Heaton Daniel Flynn
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
PC Diane Noble Kaye Wragg
PC Emma Hinckley Melanie Gutteridge
Ray Moore Mark Bonnar
Annie Moore Megan Jossa
Martin Turnbull Jimmy Yuill
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
Buddy Fischer Zak Maguire
Eddie Fischer Gavin Brocker
Peggy Fischer Angela Sims
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
Peter Harris Peter Guinness
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
Mia Perry Jo-Anne Knowles
PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis
DCI Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
Joshua Miller Greg Prentiss
PC Will Fletcher Gary Lucy
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Tim Key
Writer Chris Dunn
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