Invisible Man

Series 25 - Episode 64 Invisible Man



Part one of two. Mickey goes undercover as a homeless man to investigate the mystery of a body found in the river wearing a down-and-out's coat over designer clothes. Having eliminated the dead man's ex-fiancee from the inquiries, he gains the trust of a girl living on the streets and discovers the entire homeless community of Sun Hill lives in fear of a shady character known only as Greg. Back at the station, Millie signs off from her final shift.

Cast & Crew

DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
DC Grace Dasari Amita Dhiri
DC Jacob Banks Patrick Robinson
DS Max Carter Christopher Fox
Nicola McKenzie Michelle Asante
Reggie Sharp Jay Simpson
Susie Hughes Amy Cudden
Paul Harding Gyuri Sarossy
Lenny Wiseman Barry McCarthy
Ryan Nelson Simon Darwen
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
PC Millie Brown Clare Foster
PC Mel Ryder Rhea Bailey
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
Supt Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
CSE Eddie Olosunje Jason Barnett
PC Kate Reilly Bethany Turner
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Writer Andrew Alty
Writer Robert Knights
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