A Little Holiday - Part One

Series 22 - Episode 69 A Little Holiday - Part One



Part one of two. Phil and Sam are sent to Romania in search of a missing woman thought to be the victim of a ruthless people-trafficking operation. Going undercover as a sex tourist looking for `fresh meat', Phil finds his continental colleagues resentful of the intrusion and when his cover is blown the English duo find the streets of Bucharest are no place to be out late.

Cast & Crew

DS Phil Hunter Scott Maslen
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao
PC Diane Noble Kaye Wragg
Benjamin Leesing Daniel Pape
Andrei Balev Serge Soric
DI Bogdan Zoltan Butuc
Eugen Micu Relu Poalelungi
Maya Hadzic Sheyla Sheovich
Irina Dobrescu Mihaela Betiu
Cezar Nastase Ioan Ionescu
Hajna Monica Anastase
Radu Gilca Constantin Barbulescu
Sgt June Ackland Trudie Goodwin
Supt John Heaton Daniel Flynn
Director Robert Knights
Producer Sylvie Boden
Writer Jake Riddell
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