Copycat Killer

Series 23 - Episode 52 Copycat Killer



Darren Day guest stars as a photographer arrested on suspicion of murdering one of his models. The discovery of a blood-soaked T-shirt at his trashed studio, and the evidence of his own pictures, suggests a second suspect may have delivered the fatal blows to the victim's head. Emma and Beth tangle with a trio of truculent young women whose troubled history of deceit and blackmail leads to violence, putting the young PCs in danger.

Cast & Crew

Jeff Slade Darren Day
PC Sally Armstrong Ali Bastian
PC Reg Hollis Jeff Stewart
Maria Samuels Naomi Millbank-Smith
CSE Lorna Hart Siobhan Redmond
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
Darrell Crow Ricky Nixon
PC Emma Keane Melanie Gutteridge
PC Beth Green Louisa Lytton
Lauren Martin Mia Fernandez
Roxette Martin Alice Henley
Tanya Murphy Laura Aikman
Director Julie Edwards
Producer Sylvie Boden
Writer Jane Marlow
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