Innocence Betrayed

Series 25 - Episode 53 Innocence Betrayed



After a raid, Paul Brewer is arrested for having indecent images of a four-year-old girl on his laptop. He claims to have lent his computer to convicted paedophile George Fielding, who Brewer met in prison. When questioned, Fielding admits to downloading the pictures, but tests prove they were taken by camera and were not from the internet. Banksy and Max are left to sort out which of the pair is covering for the other. Jeff Rawle guest stars.

Cast & Crew

DC Jacob Banks Patrick Robinson
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
DS Max Carter Christopher Fox
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
George Fielding Jeff Rawle
Paul Brewer Michael Colgan
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
PC Leon Taylor Dominic Power
PC Benjamin Gayle Micah Balfour
Sarah Brewer Laura Greenwood
Alison Palmer Claire Brown
Sgt Callum Stone Sam Callis
PC Sally Armstrong Ali Bastian
Monica Gearie Rebekah Manning
Kevin Gearie George Calil
Stephanie Rainsforth Alexis Peterman
Lucy Gearie Millie Missen
Carl Palmer Ian Conningham
Kim Palmer Caitlin Clerkin
Director Jamie Annett
Producer James Hall
Writer Chris Ould
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