Deadly Secrets

Series 23 - Episode 59 Deadly Secrets



The Sun Hill cops spring into action when an elderly Alzheimer's sufferer goes missing along with her five-month-old great-granddaughter. Meanwhile, Phil Hunter visits the casino and is surprised when the owner Louis Dreyfuss once again offers him the chance to become his private detective - and before long he finds himself trailing the man's wife to determine if she's having an affair. Jean Boht and Michael Brandon guest star.

Cast & Crew

PC Will Fletcher Gary Lucy
Sandy Harrison Sarah Easton
Rose Harrison Jean Boht
Doug Harrison Roderick Smith
DI Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
DS Phil Hunter Scott Maslen
Louis Dreyfuss Michael Brandon
Monica Dreyfuss Eglantine Rembauville
DC Grace Dasari Amita Dhiri
Acting Insp Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis
Sgt Callum Stone Sam Callis
Danny Hegarty Henry Everett
Joe Brennan Ben Joiner
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
PC Reg Hollis Jeff Stewart
Director Diana Patrick
Producer Sylvie Boden
Writer Len Collin
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