Star Trek: Voyager


Series 2 - Episode 17 Dreadnought

Tuesday 6am - 7am Syfy
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Wed 23 Oct, 7pm - 8pm Horror Channel
Thu 24 Oct, 9am - 10am Horror Channel
Sun 27 Oct, 12pm - 1pm Horror Channel


A heavily populated planet comes under threat from a rogue Cardassian missile stolen and reprogrammed by Maquis rebels, leaving the crew struggling to intercept the weapon before it is too late. Sci-fi adventure, starring Kate Mulgrew.

Cast & Crew

Capt Kathryn Janeway Kate Mulgrew
Chakotay Robert Beltran
Lt Thomas Eugene Paris Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim Garrett Wang
The Doctor Robert Picardo
Neelix Ethan Phillips
Lt B'Elanna Torres Roxann Biggs-Dawson
Lt Tuvok Tim Russ
Kes Jennifer Lien
Director LeVar Burton
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