Series 1 - Episode 17 EBE



Mulder becomes convinced a truck driver has been transporting wreckage from a UFO across the country. Deep Throat provides Mulder and Scully with fake evidence, leading them to wonder if he can be trusted and what his agenda is. When the agents track down the missing truck, they find evidence that what they are actually hunting is a live captive alien.

Cast & Crew

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
Deep Throat Jerry Hardin
John Fitzgerald Byers Bruce Harwood
Ringo Langly Dean Haglund
Melvin Frohike Tom Braidwood
Ranheim/Frank Druce Peter LaCroix
Chief Rivers Allen Lysell
Officer Green Roger R Cross
Director William A Graham
Writer Glen Morgan
Writer James Wong
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