Series 4 - Episode 9 Terma



Part two of two. Mulder is betrayed by Krycek and left trapped in a Russian jail, where the inmates are used as guinea pigs in experiments on the effects of the black oil. Scully tries to cover up his whereabouts in a senate hearing, only to face imprisonment, while an assassin is sent from Russia to kill the scientist behind the conspiracy's own black oil experiments.

Cast & Crew

Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Alex Krycek Nicholas Lea
Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi
Cigarette Smoking Man William B Davis
Well-Manicured Man John Neville
Vassily Peskow Jan Rubes
Dr Bonita Sayre Jessica Schreier
Auntie Janet Brenda McDonald
Dr Kingsley Looker Robin Mossley
Angie Eileen Pedde
Timothy Mayhew Brent Stait
Dr Sacks Malcolm Stewart
Senator Albert Sorenson Fritz Weaver
Director Rob Bowman
Writer Frank Spotnitz
Writer Chris Carter
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