The Way We Weren't

Series 15 - Episode 20 The Way We Weren't



Marge tells the children she was the first person Homer kissed at high school, but he reveals there was someone else before her - a girl he met at summer camp. Though Marge is shocked by this revelation, she soon realises she was the one and recounts the events from her own perspective.

Cast & Crew

Homer Simpson Dan Castellaneta
Marge Simpson Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson Yeardley Smith
Moe/Apu/Chief Wiggum/Various others Hank Azaria
Lenny Harry Shearer
Cookie Kwan Tress MacNeille
Milhouse Van Houten Pamela Hayden
Martin Prince Russi Taylor
Director Mike B Anderson
Writer J Stewart Burns
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Comedy Drama Sitcom