Mother's Little Helpers

Series 13 - Episode 3 Mother's Little Helpers



Liz Merrick faces a trying time when one of her patients misses an appointment to discuss medication, and subsequently ends up charged with drink-driving, while Vernon's pal David is kidnapped and held to ransom. Merton is delighted Jenny has agreed to marry him, and Bellamy finds out that Gina is carrying his baby. Rural drama, starring Aislin McGuckin, Geoffrey Hughes and Duncan Bell.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Dennis Merton Duncan Bell
PC Steve Crane James Carlton
PC Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon
PC Alf Ventress William Simons
Dr Liz Merrick Aislin McGuckin
Gina Ward Tricia Penrose
David Stockwell David Lonsdale
Vernon Scripps Geoffrey Hughes
Jenny Latimer Sarah Tansey
Bernie Scripps Peter Benson
Oscar Blaketon Derek Fowlds
Linda Rollins Janet Dibley
Barry Rollins Jonathan Bradd
Michael Rollins Andrew Thorpe
Frankie Andrew McGuire
Christine Vanessa Knox-Mawer
Pete Tom Bowles
Mr Clough Martin Riley
Mrs Taylor Gillian Kerrod
Mal Rollins Wayne Foskett
Director Andrew Morgan
Producer Gerry Mill
Writer Peter Gibbs
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