The Wire

Series 1 - Episode 6



Following his lover Brandon's murder, Omar is determined to help the police bring Barksdale to justice and agrees to testify in the Gant killing. Meanwhile, Major Rawls puts pressure on Bunk to make arrests in the three unsolved cases he is investigating, forcing McNulty, Greggs and Freamon to ask Daniels for more time and preserve the wiretap on the Barksdale crew.

Cast & Crew

Det Jimmy McNulty Dominic West
Det Shakima Greggs Sonja Sohn
Lt Cedric Daniels Lance Reddick
Det William `Bunk' Moreland Wendell Pierce
Det Ellis Carver Seth Gilliam
Det Lester Freamon Clarke Peters
Maj William A Rawls John Doman
Omar Little Michael K Williams
Avon Barksdale Wood Harris
Russell `Stringer' Bell Idris Elba
D'Angelo Barksdale Larry Gilliard Jr
Director Ed Bianchi
Writer David Simon
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