The Restaurant

Series 3 - Episode 5 The Restaurant



Auntie Angela visits the family with her new husband in tow, an American therapist she is desperate to show off. Pete is determined to avoid any major incidents as they all go out for dinner, but Ben decides it is the perfect time to tell everyone about his sex education class. With Samantha Bond and Douglas Hodge.

Cast & Crew

Sue Claire Skinner
Pete Hugh Dennis
Jake Tyger Drew-Honey
Ben Daniel Roche
Karen Ramona Marquez
Angela Samantha Bond
Brick Douglas Hodge
Kelly Anna Skellern
Taylor Jean Sophia Reinisch
Lauren Isabel Rosen
Fiona Katy Wix
Director Guy Jenkin
Director Andy Hamilton
Producer Guy Jenkin
Producer Andy Hamilton
Writer Andy Hamilton
Writer Guy Jenkin
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