Classic Holby City: You're So Vain

Classic Holby City: You're So Vain

Series 10



Lady Byrne is shocked at the state of her late husband Charles's charity, and tackles Elliot and Jayne about the problems. Michael believes Donna is spreading rumours about their relationship, and Jac makes efforts to be friendlier with her colleagues, but Mark and Keith are suspicious of her motives. Elsewhere, a TV presenter collapses live on air. Guest starring Marina Sirtis, formerly of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Cast & Crew

Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Michael Spence Hari Dhillon
Jac Naylor Rosie Marcel
Mark Williams Robert Powell
Kyla Tyson Rakie Ayola
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Elliot Hope Paul Bradley
Maria Kendall Phoebe Thomas
Linden Cullen Duncan Pow
Maddy Young Nadine Lewington
Donna Jackson Jaye Jacobs
Daisha Anderson Rebecca Grant
Lady Byrne Jane Asher
Jayne Grayson Stella Gonet
Keith Greene Alex Macqueen
Lucy Simmons Marina Sirtis
Esme Kennedy Jade Williams
Ade Greenhill Gavin Brocker
Adam Leaf Daniel Newman
Kelly Telson Marie-Francoise Wolff
Eleanor Holzell Laurietta Essien
Director Mike Cocker
Producer Barbara Emile
Writer Jeff Dodds
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