In Country - Club

Series 6 - Episode 1 In Country - Club

Tue 4 Aug 11:55pm - 12:25am ITV2


American Dad never gets as much attention as Family Guy, creator Seth Macfarlane’s much-garlanded first-born animated sitcom child. But Dad can so often be much tougher and a lot more sharply satirical than Family Guy, which even Macfarlane admits has probably seen better days.

IAmerican Dad’s witty use of pop culture and satire is seen to great effect in this episode, when Stan Smith, all-round American idiot and half-witted CIA agent, forces his dim son Steve to join a society that re-enacts the Vietnam War. For real. This is Stan’s way of toughening Steve up so he can sing the national anthem at Veterans Day at the Langley Falls Country Club. But poor Steve, in a scene that borrows from every Vietnam war film you have ever seen, goes native.


Steve is selected to sing the national anthem at a Veterans Day celebration, but Stan is convinced he is not ready to undertake such a prestigious task, and decides he will only be capable of performing with feeling once he has experienced war first-hand.

Cast & Crew

Stan/Roger Seth MacFarlane
Steve Scott Grimes
Francine Wendy Schaal
Hayley Rachael MacFarlane
Klaus Dee Bradley Baker
Director Albert Calleros
Director Josue Cervantes
Writer Seth MacFarlane
Writer Mike Barker
Writer Matt Weitzman
Writer Murray Miller
Writer Judah Miller
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Comedy Drama Sitcom