CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Blood Moon

Series 11 - Episode 3 Blood Moon



The body of a decapitated man is found entangled in a barbed-wire fence in the woods and further investigation makes Ray and Nick suspect he was a member of a group of vampire role-players. The victim's friends refuse to co-operate with the detectives, but hint he might have met his end at the hands of a rival faction of would-be werewolves. Crime drama, guest starring Max Beesley (Survivors).

Cast & Crew

Dr Raymond Langston Laurence Fishburne
Catherine Willows Marg Helgenberger
Nick Stokes George Eads
Sara Sidle Jorja Fox
Greg Sanders Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins Robert David Hall
Capt Jim Brass Paul Guilfoyle
Det Vartann Alex Carter
Thomas Stewart Max Beesley
Director Brad Tanenbaum
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