Buffy the Vampire Slayer

End of Days

Series 7 - Episode 21 End of Days



Part two of three. Buffy obtains a powerful magical axe, and puts it to good use saving the potentials who fell into the First's trap. Taking charge once more, she tells Xander to take Dawn out of harm's way, whether she wants to go or not. As Buffy tries to uncover the origin and purpose of her new weapon, it leads to a showdown with Caleb - and a reunion with an old friend.

Cast & Crew

Buffy Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar
Xander Harris Nicholas Brendon
Willow Rosenberg Alyson Hannigan
Rupert Giles Anthony Stewart Head
Dawn Summers Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike James Marsters
Anya Emma Caulfield
Faith Eliza Dushku
Andrew Wells Tom Lenk
Principal Robin Wood DB Woodside
Angel David Boreanaz
Caleb Nathan Fillion
Kennedy Iyari Limon
Amanda Sarah Hagan
Vi Felicia Day
Caridad Dania Ramirez
Chao-Ahn Kristy Wu
The Guardian Christine Healy
Director Marita Grabiak
Writer Douglas Petrie
Writer Jane Espenson
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