The Inbetweeners

Will's Dilemma

Series 3 - Episode 3 Will's Dilemma



Simon takes his new girlfriend on a double date but his principles are tested when she says she will kiss him only if he lets her redesign his wardrobe. Will considers the idea of spending time with a girl he finds embarrassing and boring. Comedy, starring Joe Thomas, Simon Bird and Hannah Tointon.

Cast & Crew

Will Simon Bird
Jay James Buckley
Neil Blake Harrison
Simon Joe Thomas
Mr Sutherland Alex Macqueen
Mr Gilbert Greg Davies
Katie Kacey Barnfield
Tara Hannah Tointon
Kerry Abbey Mordue
Big John John Seaward
Luke James Gillan
Tara's dad Nick Asbury
Tara's mum Janine Wood
Maggie Chizzy Akudolu
Neil's gran Stephanie Fayerman
Motorbike dealer Johnny Palmiero
Producer Damon Beesley
Producer Iain Morris
Writer Damon Beesley
Writer Iain Morris
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