Inspector Morse

Last Seen Wearing

Series 2 - Episode 2 Last Seen Wearing



The father of a missing schoolgirl demands action, angry that a six-month investigation has failed to uncover any leads. Morse ends up being assigned the case - and discovers some unpleasant truths about her family and teachers during the course of his inquiries. John Thaw stars as the Oxford detective, with Kevin Whately, Peter Woodthorpe, Peter McEnery, Elizabeth Hurley and Frances Tomelty.

Cast & Crew

Chief Inspector Morse John Thaw
Det Sgt Lewis Kevin Whately
Julia Elizabeth Hurley
Donald Phillipson Peter McEnery
Cheryl Baines Suzanne Bertish
CS Strange James Grout
Max Peter Woodthorpe
Rachel Julia Sawalha
Grace Craven Frances Tomelty
George Craven Glyn Houston
Sheila Phillipson Fiona Mollison
David Acum Philip Breatherton
John Maguire Nicholas Pritchard
Fiona Michele Winstanley
Valerie Craven Melissa Simmonds
Lesley Auriol Goldingham
Mrs Webb Venicia Barrett
PC Franks Geoffrey Church
Martha Maggie Holland
Policewoman Elizabeth Kettle
Bartender Roger Booth
Porter David Trevena
Receptionist Susanna Nicholas
Checkout girl Amanda Dickinson
Charlie Phillipson Charles Gilmore
Becky Phillipson Clare Bennett
George Phillipson George Gilmore
Director Edward Bennett
Producer Kenny McBain
Writer Thomas Ellice
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