Classic Holby City: Man with No Name

Classic Holby City: Man with No Name

Series 12



In light of his recent diagnosis, Ric struggles to concentrate on preparing a presentation for the board, and asks Jac to manage a transplant for him. Penny covers for Frieda when she cuts corners and treats a patient herself instead of calling a doctor for assistance, and Greg resents his appointment as Oliver's new mentor.

Cast & Crew

Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Michael Spence Hari Dhillon
Sacha Levy Bob Barrett
Jac Naylor Rosie Marcel
Greg Douglas Edward MacLiam
Penny Valentine Emma Catherwood
Oliver Valentine James Anderson
Mark Williams Robert Powell
Donna Jackson Jaye Jacobs
Frieda Petrenko Olga Fedori
Annalese Carson Anna-Louise Plowman
Sigourney Harter Ellie Badcock
Sarah Gilligan Ellie Beaven
Neil Gilligan Jack Ashton
Martin Fiveacre Robert Putt
Mr Maguire Richard Huw
Alan Fiveacre Zig Byfield
Jeff Harter Oscar Ward
Director Dermot Boyd
Producer Jane Wallbank
Writer Martha Hillier
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