The Professionals

Private Madness - Public Danger

Series 1 - Episode 1 Private Madness - Public Danger



Cowley and the team are confused by a chain of events that involves lethal narcotics, a series of killings and a drug addict. As they piece the clues together, Bodie and Doyle realise someone has a plan to flood the public water supply with lethal hallucenogenic drugs. Drama, starring Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson.

Cast & Crew

Doyle Martin Shaw
Bodie Lewis Collins
Cowley Gordon Jackson
Charles Nesbitt Keith Barron
Erica Sutton Donald Douglas
Susan Fenton Di Trevis
Gerald Harvey Angus MacKay
Benny Trevor Adams
Biggs Christopher Ellison
Cummings Peter Penry-Jones
Pam Penny Irving
Director Douglas Camfield
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