Can I Get a Witness?

Series 14 - Episode 16 Can I Get a Witness?



McCoy vows to find those responsible when a key witness to the killing of a drug dealer is shot dead. Suspicion falls on the accused's cousin, a local hoodlum with a number of charges to his name, and another associate who refuses to make a deal with the investigators. Sam Waterson, Elisabeth Rohm and Jerry Orbach star.

Cast & Crew

Det Lennie Briscoe Jerry Orbach
Det Ed Green Jesse L Martin
Lt Anita Van Buren S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy Sam Waterston
ADA Serena Southerlyn Elisabeth Rohm
DA Arthur Branch Fred Dalton Thompson
Gerard Wills Gerry Becker
Mrs Gordon Hazelle Goodman
Ronald Duggan aka Slug Dorian Missick
Shayna Rosario April L Hernandez
Director Don Scardino
Writer Aaron Zelman
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