Midsomer Murders

Days of Misrule

Series 11 - Episode 6 Days of Misrule



Barnaby and Jones are called away from a team-building exercise to investigate a fatal explosion at a haulage yard in Calham Cross. The property is owned by Territorial Army commanding officer Matt Parkes, the father of a businessman whose ruthlessness in the boardroom is matched only by his behaviour toward women. To complicate matters, the village is also home to a peace protester and a grieving mother - and Barnaby has to decide if any of these locals is capable of arson and murder. John Nettles and Jason Hughes star, with Tim Pigott-Smith, Joseph Millson, Niamh Cusack, Judy Parfitt and Nick Fletcher.

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles
DS Ben Jones Jason Hughes
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark
Dr Bullard Barry Jackson
WPC Gail Stephens Kirsty Dillon
Layla Barkham Elspeth Rae
James Parkes Joseph Millson
Daisy Alexandra Morris
Caroline Halsey Judy Parfitt
Matt Parkes Tim Pigott-Smith
CS John Cotton Nick Fletcher
Penny Galsworthy Niamh Cusack
Dale Mitchinson Gus Gallagher
Don Mitchinson Sidney Livingstone
Tim Galsworthy Tom Beard
Ed Lovell Tony Bell
Nina Barkham Alyson Spiro
George Barkham Philip Martin Brown
Director Renny Rye
Producer Brian True-May
Writer Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
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